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Barak Medina

Prof. Barak Medina




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Prof. Barak Medina serves as Rector from the beginning of the 2017/2018  Academic Year.


The Rector’s Role

According to the Hebrew University’s Constitution: “The Rector is the academic head of the University and is vested with full powers in academic matters. In this capacity and subject to the Constitution and General Statutes, he is responsible to the Senate.” The Rector serves alongside the President, who is “Head of the University, responsible to the Board of Governors for the management of the University, its standards and quality…” The Senate of the University, on which serve representatives of the academic faculty and representatives of the Student Union, elects the Rector among faculty members at the rank of Full Professors at the University. The Rector holds office for four years. The Rector is responsible for all academic matters that take place at the University including, teaching, research and public activities of the faculty.