Update by the University Administration | March 2022

30 March, 2022

Dear Hebrew University community,
These are tense-filled days. The Hebrew University community mourns the deaths of those murdered in the recent terror attacks.
We must work together to protect everyone’s safety. Here are some updates on our policy in matters related to the current situation:
1. The dedicated staff at the Division of Security and Emergencies are working hard to protect the entrance gates of the University and within the campus. Please call the 24-hour emergency hotlines in cases of violence or feelings of not being safe in or around the campus: Mt. Scopus – 02-5883000; Safra – 02-6585000; Ein-Kerem – 02-6757000; Rehovot – 08-9489000.
2. The University continues to operate as usual. Mandatory attendance in classes is based on recognizing the importance of promoting quality teaching and learning, and without contrary decisions from security authorities, the Hebrew University continues to operate as usual, the same as schools and places of work. At the same time, we are aware that some people are feeling heightened fear, based on individual circumstances. Therefore, we will increase the University’s psychological counseling services and will open a hotline for emotional support. The service will be available to all university members, students and staff alike. As well, individual students and staff who feel heightened fear can receive permission for remote learning or working from home for the immediate period, by turning to the Accessibility Unit at the Student Dean’s Office or the Head of your Unit, with the appropriate approval from a psychologist or psychiatrist about their individual medical condition that requires such a special permission.
3. The Hebrew University respects freedom of speech and encourages community members to express their views, including in demonstrations and gatherings on campus grounds. Approval is not necessary to hold demonstrations, however prior notice is required regarding the time and place, to provide appropriate protection. During this time, when the security staff is working extra hard, there may be slight delays in the time set for holding a demonstration. We must all strive, as much as possible, to refrain from using shocking, inciteful and hurtful language. We advise to act with restraint.


 Asher Cohen                 Barak Medina                 Yishai Frankel,
  President                        Rector                          Vice-President and Exec. Director