Ramadan 2022

3 April, 2022

Dear Teachers,

During the month of Ramadan, which is observed from April 2nd to May 1st, studies at the University will continue as usual. During this month, observant Muslims fast daily, from early morning hours until approximately 7:15 pm. There are also family gatherings in the evening ("Iftar"). Teachers are requested to take into account the special needs of their fasting students, especially in the late afternoon classes.

Please try to accommodate students' requests not to take exams and quizzes after 5:00 pm. Please also make the effort to encourage fasting students in your classes to turn to you for special accommodations, as needed.

When in doubt, please consult the Vice-Dean for teaching matters in your Faculty/School.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Prof. Mona Khoury-Kassabri, Vice President for Strategy and Diversity

Prof. Barak Medina, Rector