Rector's Update - June 2018

7 June, 2018


Dear faculty members,

1. On the occasion of the Convocation next week (June 11, at 5:30 pm), in which we will award a PhD degree to 350 students, I would like to recommend reading this short paper. It is a Nature journal study, that points out the “perception gap” between PI’s and their students regarding the involvement of the PI in the research of her students. We may want to improve our communication with our research students to bridge this gap. The research also reveals a “training gap” of PI’s, an aspect that we aim to address.

2. We are proud of the extraordinary achievements of our new faculty members, who were awarded 7 out of 25 Alon Fellowships and 3 out of 8 of the prestigious Azrieli Fellowship. This success adds to our excellent crop (11 out of 19) in domestic prizes (Israel, Emet and the Rothschild prizes).

3. The academic units’ annual budget will be increased by up to 6% (9 million NIS), as a reward for achieving six milestones (1% for each). Among these: employing the “mentors” program, improving the unit’s outcomes in students’ satisfaction survey, employing a program designed to ensure equal opportunity to minority students, and an increase in the number of new students in the unit. I am grateful for your contribution in obtaining these and other goals of ours.

I invite you to participate in the events of the Board of Government that start this weekend.



Barak Medina